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My passion is to capture the special people and moments in your life, using my own experiences as being a parent of a special needs child.  I will create a photo session designed for your unique needs to create cherished images of your loved ones.

As a special needs parent I am very protective of my daughter and how other’s view her. I believe the images of your child are one way we can advocate and dispel myths about their  diagnosis. The images I create really focus on your child's best features and help others to see them in the way you do, a beautiful unique person with so much sunshine in their soul.  Personally, I have seen many photographs of individuals with special needs or a disability depicted in a way that I know was not their most flattering. 

Have you invested in a photo session with a photographer who did not understand how to work with the unique needs of your family? 

Did you feel like you were having to “explain” a lot to the photographer on what to expect when your child was being photographed? 

Was your photoshoot session time not enough to allow your loved one to become comfortable? 

Did your photographer lack confidence or communication skills when they interacted with your loved one with a disability? 

Was your photographer knowledgeable about adapting photography techniques to a child who will not look at the camera or was unable to stop moving?

Was the photography studio or photoshoot location full of sensory stimuli or distractions?

I understand your concerns and will take the time so that your portrait experience ends in the beautiful images you desire.  

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